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Brown's Foot Callus Cure Kit

Brown's Foot Callus Cure Kit

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Brown's Foot Bath and Duster Bundle #1

Take care of your feet for the long haul with the Brown's Foot Bath and Duster bundle! Get three Brown's Foot Baths and one Brown's Foot Duster. Perfect for keeping those nasty calluses and stinky feet to a minimum and the occasional Foot Duster use to keep your feet dry on those long days at work, around the house, or long and tough days of travel.   

This is a great starter pack for anyone that is dealing with extremely cracked, callused, and stinky feet. For individuals with extreme calluses and saturated feet, we recommend three to four foot soaks of Brown's Foot Bath then dial the usage back to once per week. When working, use the Brown's Foot Duster sparingly as a treatment to keep the sweatiness down to a minimum.

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