What is Brown's Foot Bath?

Brown’s Original Medicated Foot Bath is a world class cleansing and exfoliation powder you mix with water and soak your feet in. The product was originally formulated by some old school shoe dogs in 1943 and it is still a great product today!

How does Brown's Foot Bath work?

The active ingredients are Epsom Salts, Boric acid, and Salicylic acid. The Epsom salts absorb into the body and help reduce inflammation, the Boric and Salicylic acids help exfoliate the damaged and dead skin on the feet.

How often should you use it?

If heavy calluses and thick skin is prevalent, we recommend doing one foot bath for three days in a row, then dial the frequency back to once a week as regular maintenance.

Should you use a foot file or pumice stone after using Brown's?

When dealing with thick built-up calluses, using a file is beneficial to fully remove the dead skin but you need to be cautious! Since the skin is significantly softened, it is easy to rip an extra thick callus so proceeding with caution is important.  Only use a file gently at first to gauge the softened skin’s condition.

What do I need?

While fancy bubbling and heated foot baths are great, you only need a basic bucket as long as your feet fit inside. Before filling with water, place two tablespoons of the Brown’s Foot Bath powder in the bucket, then fill the bucket with water, enough to reach the top of your ankles.  Hot but not scolding hot water is recommended.  If you are diabetic with a lack of sensitivity, make sure to check the temperature with your hands.

Who can benefit from using Brown's regularly?

Anyone with consistent, heavy calluses would greatly benefit from using Brown’s Foot Bath. Calluses are the body’s natural way of protecting areas of high pressure and friction, so they technically are not a bad thing.  We most often see construction workers and skilled laborers for regular users of Brown’s because they are in heavy boots with low breathability.  Really anyone that spends a decent amount of time on their feet during the day, standing or walking, can benefit from using Brown’s Foot Bath

Can diabetics use Brown's Foot Bath?

Brown’s Foot Bath works great for diabetics but we do have to be more careful! Never use Brown’s Foot Bath if you have an open sore or ulcer as Brown’s will cleanse the opening but will not allow the body to build new skin or scab up.  One additional note is the water temperature when doing the foot baths.  If you have low or little sensation in the feet and lower legs, always double check to make sure the water is not scolding hot.

What is the history of Brown's?

Brown’s Original Medicated Foot Bath, and its partner product Brown’s Foot Duster, were originally formulated in 1943 by two footwear retailers looking for a solution to heavy calluses their customers were getting from the hard leather soled shoes of that time. Since that time, the product has not changed one bit and still works extremely well today.  The products were under management of the Foot Aid Laboratory

Why Brown's over other Epsom Salts?

Standard Epsom salts are great for daily soaking to relieve consistent swelling, improve blood flow, and keep your skin soft.  Where Brown's Foot Bath differentiates is that it is much stronger and acts as an exfoliant.  Brown's Foot Bath has a combination of Epsom salts, Boric acid, and Salicylic acid.  Soaking with Brown's essentially eats away the dead skin, promotes healthy skin growth, and has a slight pain-relieving effect.

What is Brown's Foot Duster?

Brown's Foot Duster is a powder that you sprinkle onto your bare feet that relieves tired, aching, perspiring feet, and nasty foot odors